Samara Gym offers many fitness programs to suit your needs. Every program is customized to suit the individual. As a holistic center, Samara Gym believes that these programs should make people feel energetic, happy, light, confident, and positive.

Always at the cutting edge of fitness and lifestyle management, SAMARA’S focused approach to training, wellness & fat loss has made samara gym one of the Navi Mumbai’s best gym

The human body is designed to shed excess fat. This can be easily achieved with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and good mental & emotional health. Samara Gym offers training and program for gradual and sustained long term fat loss goals.


Some people come to lose; some people come to gain weight. Which is why Samara Gym has carefully crafted this program to cater to those who want to focus on gaining weight. It has nutrition plans and exercises that help a person gain weight and not fat.

Transform your body with this progressive and challenging workout crafted to push you out of your comfort zone. Our workout program backed with a professional trainer is designed to make positive differences to your body especially your muscles.

ShreddingShredding helps burn fat and defines muscles. With the right mix of SAMARA’S diet consultation and right training program, success is definite. Our shredding program is designed for individuals with serious bodybuilding goals.

lifestyle management

Samara Gym has created Lifestyle Management program with an aim to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. This can be done by making simple tweaks in food habits, snacking, eating guidelines for travelers, customized exercise plans, and yoga and meditation for stress management.

Increase strength and head to a whole new level with scientifically designed workout crafted to make you fitter. Apart from this, our certified health consultant this will help you regain mobility by easing chronic pains.

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